Jan, aka Isadora, I just wanted to let you know what a marvelous time we had at your restaurant on Valentines. The food was superb, and we thoroughly enjoyed Lalo...you could not have selected better
 entertainment for our tastes! Equally important was the kind attentions of you and your staff. My brother-in-law's advanced Parkinson's can make any outing very challenging. Your people were so quick in responding to his needs that it made the evening remarkably easy for us. Thanks so much. We are already assessing
 whether a repeat Valentines in Barra de Navidad, and of course Isadora's, could be a possibility.
 With great appreciation.
                                                                                                            Ted Pidduck,
Richmond, Virginia



Hi there Jan!!!!
My name is Lisa and I was one of the producer's on the Real   World/Road Rules Challenge last January/February!!!  We came to your restaurant ALL THE TIME!  I'm one of the blonde girls  that use to come with Christine and Mark MacRudden...  (The lovely  couple who were our camera operators, cute blonde girl and her hubby!)
 Anywho, after raving and RAVING about Isadora's and how much I love Barra I've decided to take my boyfriend for his birthday this year!!!   I would be honored to be able to bring him to your restaurant so he can finally know what I am talking about!!!!  Just wanted to make sure you are still there making those amazing  mango prawns and salad! We will be there at the end of December and first week of January...   I look forward to catching up!  




A trip to Barra is not complete without the dining pleasure experienced at Isadora's. The food exquisite and the staff are wonderful. I have been to Isadora's on two different occasions and it just gets better!

                                                                                                                                       Jedd Derry,  Vancouver, Canada 


Isadora’s brings a unique dining experience to Barra de Navidad.  The restaurant décor, setting on the lagoon, and the great serving staff are pure Mexico, but the preparation, quality, and flavor of the food – as well as catering to your gringo dining expectations – is just like eating at one of the finer restaurants in San Francisco.  The international wine selection is easily the best in town.  Isadora’s hostess, Jan, will make you feel special that you came.
                                                                                  Joe McCann, California Native/now Barra resident



I am a local resident and don't go out to eat very often but when I do it is to ISADORA's in Barra de Navidad. Wonderful food in all sections of the menu. Great ambience overlooking a tropical lagoon. Isadora's is my recommendation for excellent dining in Barra de Navidad.   

                                                                Susan Kennedy Resident and Hotel Owner, San Patricio, Mexico




Isadora's Restaurant provides a wonderful experience arousing the palette in cuisine and a traditional Mexican setting. The setting both romantic and festive. The food is an experience to remember and a wine complimented by hard-to-get wines in Mexico, an experience treasured and worth repeating. Hats off to Isadora !

                                                                                    Dr. Bernard Hoeter, Vancouver, British Columbia




Break out your best bottle of wine and reserve 'our table'….we're arriving in Barra on November 9 and Isadora's is our first stop. We're still talking about all the great meals and the fun times we had with you and your staff last year. You and your team have truly 'raised the bar' as far as dining in the Costalegre area. We can hardly wait to
 see what culinary treats you have planned for us this year.  
                                                                        Steve and Laurie Hawrishok, Union Bay, British Columbia




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